Our Hotel

Our hotel was born as an alternative way of lodging, an option to all those travellers who look for prime attention along with the standard services of a hotel without the impersonality which characterize the greater establishments, keeping the comfort and quality as well as the human closeness. Adjectives that defines what a “boutique hotel” is, adding the great social plus of it as it gives the chance to, natural and spontaneously, interact with other guests without breaking the privacy. To provide a personalized and emphatetic service yet keeping high quality premises and its services is our main priority, premises which have been conceived for the relax and entertainment. The homey warm feeling is guaranteed!. Our place is a 40’s residence, where we have felt like creating a new air, staying away from the classic concept applying a special and “native” identity, with typical themes from throughout Chile.
Among majestic mountains lies the grand city and capital of Chile, Santiago, your next stop, which we are willing to lodge in our hotel. Our prime location allows to fully live and feel the vibe of this great city, as we are located at a privileged and centric place that stands out for its closeness to practically everything whether they be commerce, culture and transport. The proximity of the financial centers suggest our hotel to be ideal not only for tourism but for bussiness as well.
“Intiwasi” means “house of the sun”, it comes from Quecha, an Andean language. Even though its influence flowed only through northern Chile and the Central Andes, it has been successfully integrated on many names and common words in the chilean vocabulary.
We are a family business; Hotel Intiwasi opened its doors back in November 2009 and, since then we have been making continuous changes, improving premises and services, focusing on offering a wonderful stay for all those to whom we look as their ideal and convenient option among the neighborhood hotel offers, and of course, to all those travellers about to come over. No doubt that we can provide the best hospitality, but it will be so much better if you say it!
We are waiting for you!

Would recommended it to everyone. We got married in Milos, and stayed at Milos Resort, and it was a dream come true.

Peter Daniel – Travel Magazine